Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

PremiumTipping.com is a Premium Pay Per Sports Hourly Betting TIP site. We provides hundreds of sports predictions every month. See How It Works.
Currently we accept only Bitcoin (BTC). In future we may add Etherum, Bitcoin Cash & Perfect Money.
We cover Football, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby and rare case other sports. Markets are Win, Double Chance, Overs Goal, Set, Handicap Games.

TIP Questions

Picks are provided generally at least 3Hrs before match start time and closed 30min before match start to avoid delay at last min purchase.
  • Single TIP cost $2.50 - $3.00.
  • Accumulator TIP cost $3.00 - $4.00.
  • Mixed Sports Accumulator TIP Cost $4.00 - $5.00.
  • Super Saturday or Super Sunday TIP Cost $5.00 - $10.00.
After Bitcoin Payment done, Your TIP will be sent instantly to your E-Mail as soon as 1st confirmation received in Blockchain.
Moment you in Bitcoin order page, Invoice will be generated with steps to payment and sent to your E-Mail ID with Order ID. Once payment completed you can check Track Order.
Unfortunately you missed a greater Opportunity. We allot only certain Slot to Every TIP. Once it reached it will be Sold Out status automatically. TIP which have More Winning % will be the one quickly Sold out soon, so please buy it fast before it sold out next time.
Sorry dear, you have landed in our site little late. "Closed" refers to matches for the TIP is already started and you won't be able to buy. No worry, we are fast and already updated few TIP for you to buy.
You can buy all the listed TIP once Everyday. Only thing is to avoid buying same TIP more than once as it will not covered for any Refund or Replacement.


Stake - We recommended Unit to place bet in your Bookies Site. We normally recommend 10-25 depend upon the Winning %
Winning % - We calculate each TIP through our own Strategies. All Winning % are Out of 100. More the Winning % more the TIP going to Win. Always stake lower for under 65% Chance and Higher for over 65% Winning %.
We display only the site offer Highest Odds from Reputed 18 Bookmakers & 2 Exchangers (Our hand picked 20 Site). Apart from that our markets are found in many other bookmakers site around 45+
Yes we Maintain every TIP stats such as Number of Days, Number of Tips, Total Return, Profit Till Now, ROI, Win Strike Rate, Avg. Win Odds including 2 Graphs of Month by Month ROI & Month by Month Profit.


All Replacement TIP are processed automatically once the LOSS TIP result updated you will be receiving Replacement TIP within12Hrs to your same E-Mail ID. For every purchased TIP which is Lost / Voided you will be getting 1 TIP as FREE Replacement each time until it Wins.

Contact Us

We always here to help. You can always contact us through Live Chat or Contact Form : Contact Here.